Wholesaler in flowers and plants

Postbus 1254
1430 BG Aalsmeer

Legmeerdijk 313
1431 GB Aalsmeer
Tel. +31 (0)297-327003
Fax. +31 (0)297-322124

Helios Bloemenexport B.V. is a company that specialises in purchasing and exporting cut flowers predominantly to wholesalers and stores.


We are located in the flower auction in Aalsmeer. Every day we purchase fresh products, both for our bouquets and also for exporting to coutries such as Germany, France and the UK.



In addition to selling cut flowers, we also have a team that specialises in producing bouquets.


The range of bouquets consists of a number of set designs, but can also be adapted to meet the customer's requirements. See Helios bouquets for examples.


These bouquets can be ordered every day via info@heliosbloemen.nl or by calling +31(0)297327003